Character Creation


Kirthfinder Documents Listed on the wiki. I Suggest downloading the files they read much nicer/faster in MS word

For the purposes of available spells and gear:

- Core Rulebook
- Advanced Class Guide
- Advanced Player’s guide
- Ultimate Combat
- Ultimate Magic
- Ultimate Equipment
- Specifically named Spells

Note the equipment Chapter of Kirthfinder for weapon and armor statistics.


You may…

Roll 4d6 Drop the lowest Result.

If the results are considered unplayable player discretion they may use the heroic array:

15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8


15 Point buy if you do not wish to roll

Comeliness and Social Rank

For ‘Comeliness’ and ‘Social Rank’ you may pick what these stats initial values are.

Social Rank is Capped at 7. Do not apply Racial modifiers for Social Rank.

Starting Wealth

Depends on stuff

Character Creation

Test Firewarrior Firewarrior